Monday, April 19, 2010

Traveling Husbands

My husband travels for work...did I mention a lot? A recent trip took him away for seven days and six nights. I would be lying if I didn’t say it was difficult. I do so well for the first four days, and then I hit my wall. Especially when we begin to talk, and I hear about the new ideas and everything that’s going on around him. He is in meetings, writing policies, and making things happen. Then he is at business lunches, dinners with friends, and falling asleep in Crowne Plaza – sometimes it may be a tough night of sleep due to a soft bed, rambunctious neighbors, etc.

My conversation is centered around if L has pooped and if the consistency is pudding, peanut butter, or a rock; if he has taken naps; and how much he is eating. When I get lucky, L falls asleep in his swing so I can pop open a can of Beenee Weenees or a can of tuna if I am feeling gourmet. We don’t really talk about my lunches and/or dinners…or if they are a combined meal for the day. My bed is never too soft or too hard…I am in bliss if I can get 7 straight hours of sleep….glorious.

Enough dwelling on the dark side, there is a brighter side. I am extremely blessed that my husband has a job that can provide for me to stay at home with L. At the end of the day, the good times certainly outweigh the bad, even on those beastly days. I would not trade the job of being a mom for anything else in the world!

However...I'm not saying that I would decline dinner out and a good night's sleep in a hotel. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Best of Both Worlds

About halfway through my pregnancy, there were some massive budget cuts with my employer. I volunteered to reduce my hours after I came back from maternity leave. I was so blessed – I could have the best of both worlds…or so I thought. My days with L were amazing. I seriously watched him grow from day to day. Then one month after L was born, my husband was offered an amazing promotion. I was so incredibly proud of him. However, the new promotion involved a lot more travel.

As I spent my next month home on maternity leave and trying to work a few hours, I realized I wasn’t giving the job or my family my best. Everyone was being cheated. My decision was gut wrenching and my husband was wonderful to support me in the choice that made me happy. I tortured myself for a month. I asked everyone that I knew what they would do, what they did, any regrets…

I know this is a very personal decision for every mom. I felt blessed that I was even given the opportunity to decide. My decision was made as we were walking through the mall and I saw a Rainbow flip-flop stand. I stopped to browse and told my husband that I wanted to invest in a really good pair of flip-flops since I would probably be living in them this summer as I stayed home with L. Turns out, he was thrilled and wanted that more than anything too. (Me to stay home - he really wasn't that excited over the flip-flops.)

I loved, loved my job and cried when I gave my notice. However, I love L more than I will ever love any job. Being a mom is truly the biggest honor. Working my notice has been extremely difficult. I have one month left. And one of the biggest transitions in my life begins…working for something that means so much more than $$$...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Transition Begins

When I was feeling completely exhausted and a bit yucky back in May 2009, my husband finally insisted that I take a pregnancy test. So two pregnancy tests later (I did not believe the first one - thinking the line seemed faint - finally bought the digital that actually says yes or no), it was confirmed that I was preggers for the first time in my life. We were over the moon and so excited. My pregnancy was by the book...until week 29 when I could not take the pain anymore and went to the hospital with kidney stones. Nothing was by the book after sweet, sweet son L was born six weeks early. At that moment in time, I never realized my life would be in constant transition...