Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Small Steps for Man, Two Giant Leaps for L

What an incredibly exciting day!!! I witnessed my son taking two steps on his own! It was the most beautiful two steps that I have ever witnessed. Slow and steady, he pushed off on his dad’s arms and pulled up. With both hands in the air, like walking a tight rope, he balanced himself with a huge smile on his face. Then he wobbled and one foot quickly stretched out in front of the other. Two big steps toward daddy before the plop down! My dad and husband had seen him do this on Thursday, but today was my first day of seeing it with my own eyes!!!

Adding to the excitement, he enjoyed a weekly tradition of eating…drum roll please…Sunday night pizza with mom and dad! I’m not a terrible mom – he had rotisserie chicken and oranges too! We have come a long way from rice cereal! Milestones and memories are being made at warp speed!

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